Christmas Break-ing Bad

Now that it’s Christmas break, and I somehow managed to end up with only eleven hours of work, I am left with a vast amount of free time.

The idea of free time is fantastic, but as a peson who has been insanely busy with work and school for the past 3.5 months, this new free time is almost a burden.
So far, I have spent my free time spending money on presents (for others and for myself), watching TV, and writing Christmas cards.
On Tuesday, my finace David and I both had the day off. Our first day off together in months, and we choose to spend it on the couch, watching Easy A, How to Train Your Dragon and the entire first season of Breaking Bad.
The good news is that David and I have a new TV show to obsess over. Breaking Bad tells the story of an intelligent chemist working in an ordinary teaching job.
As his illness worsens, Walter White takes time off from work and spends his free time cooking meth to pay for his medical bills and support his family.
What a great moral quandary, right?
Of course, I am only through the first season, but it looks fantastic so far. Walter is the classic, repressed middle class, middle aged white male who is discovering his own strenght and gaining self respect by providing for his family by any means necessary. With the current economic situation, there must be other Walter Whites out there as this very moment.
I can’t wait to see the next two seasons!

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