First Night Spokane 2010

Last Thursday, I excitedly picked up a fresh copy of The Inlander, and after perusing the Quips & Digits, as well as an article about marijuana tax revenues in Spokane, I got to the First Night calendar.

This year’s menu of art, music and performance looks decent. For $12 you can choose from several bands, some live artist demonstrations, films at the Magic Lantern and City Hall, comedy at the convention center, etc, etc.
After studying the map and schedule closely, I have created a rough plan for my First Night experience.
Celtic Knots music
This local Irish band has been a part of First Friday since this event started ten years ago. This is sure to be time well spent.
48 Hour Film Festival film
Even if I didn’t have friends who submitted short films to this competition, I would still go to see what local cameramen and actors are doing with their spare time. These shorts will be playing at city hall.
Brickwall Gallery art
I intend to check this venue off of my list of galleries to visit. This gallery shows photography at 530 W. Main.
Glass Gods art demonstration
I haven’t seen glass blowing before, so this should be a neat experience. I’ll look for this on Riverside Ave on my way to the film festival.
Carousel fun
A free ride might be worth waiting in a long line. Then again, maybe not.
The main, midnight attraction.


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