Into Dusk: a Jen Scott photographic exhibition at the Kolva-Sullivan Gallery

This month’s First Friday at the Kolva-Sullivan gallery featured the opening of Jenn Scott’s show of photos called “Into Dusk”.  Her grunge style images are right at home on the walls of the industrial, exposed brick gallery space.

According the gallery press materials, “The show represents a quiet journey of the mind as sleep is embraced. This half slumber is a peculiar velvet dusk world where thoughts, memories, and dreams unite,” also known as hypnogogia.

The images are not presented as traditional photographs. Each image is a photo arrangement printed with an ink jet printer and transferred with gel onto glass. This transparent image is then mounted a few inches above a wooden plaque, which allows light to pass through and to beautifully illuminate the images. The presentation is simple but effective.
Some of the images in the show are personal photos such a childhood picture of herself, but Scott took most of the pictures herself. Some of the pieces show the faces of gargoyle and angel statues, each showing rust and chipping paint. The aesthetic compositions are half subject and half texture. The color palette of the show is composed of antique and faded blues, browns, reds and golden colors, but with the light shining through, the color is brilliant and eye catching.
Scott’s art work is very contemporary and appeals to current design sensibilities. Her photos embrace the decay of antique objects, and reveal the beauty in chipping paint and faded family photos.

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