Scott Kolbo interview on KYRS

Ready Made Radio’s Bernadette Vielbig recently interviewed my professor, Scott Kolbo, about his latest art show called “Sonic Medicine” which is now on display at the SFCC art gallery.

In this interview, Scott talks about his installations, which are a wonderful combination of video and printmaking.

When I attended the opening earlier this month, I was excited to see Scott’s work because it is so unlike anything I have seen before, but it makes sense that Scott would create these installations. Over the years, Scott has developed a few characters that he uses over and over in his work. One of these characters names is Strongman, and looks suspiciously like Scott.

Vielbig specifically addresses a piece by Scott which also includes sound. Earphones were provided which played a strange song created by Scott which is actually a cover of a song Scott’s favorite band. You can listen to this audio clip in the interview. While you listen, the artwork on the wall portrays a moment we all have experienced. It is a video of Scott dancing like a fool in his kitchen, as if the song we are listening to is actually the song playing inside his head. Every thing seems awesome when you are alone at home, rocking out to your favorite song, which is playing in your head.

Scott Kolbo teaches printmaking at Whitworth University, and is a member of the Saranac Art Project in Spokane, WA.

Sonic Medicine” ends February 5, and I hope you will take the time to see this fantastic show.

Also check out Vielbig’s art focused radio show, Ready Made Radio, through KYRS Thin Air Community Radio.

Here is the link to the KYRS Ready Made Radio interview with Scott Kolbo


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