I’m back!

Food Not Bombs illustraion
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My blog posting took a break for a while so I could finish up my work with The Whitworthian, and – you know – graduate!

I am now the proud owner of a piece of paper that says I have earned a BA degree in Arts Administration from Whitworth University. Do any of you know how I’m going to get a job in this town with that kind of degree? It’s a good thing I have an entrepreneurial streak in me.

I will now continue to write about the arts in Spokane. While I took a break from updating this blog, some very important art events occurred at the Kolva-Sullivan Gallery, Saranac Art Projects, Peaceful Valley and Whitworth University.

  • Sext was an amazing collaboration of text based art and poetry, with the mission of creating awareness about sex and gender issues. Thank Naaman Cordova-Muenzberg, of local art collective Boys Who Like Butterflies for this excellent show of socially conscious, community inspiring art.
  • Grow Show” is a traveling show of shopping carts filled with live plants and recycled materials. There was also a parade that I missed due to my own senior art show at the Saranac. Many glittery, brightly dressed participants came to say hi at the Saranac afterwards. This is another Naaman Cordova-Muenzberg-and-friends event.
  • My senior art show went up at Whitworth’s art gallery as well as the lovely brick-walled Saranac. I included drawings and photography. You can still see my drawings at the Saranac until May 30th.
  • Earth Day was quite a success, with a variety of booths representing conservation, recycling, food, justice and more. I was there as a volunteer for NextUp. We brought Vote Bike and registered some new voters.
  • Peaceful Valley appears to be the hot neighborhood these days. There is now a community garden there, started by Spokane’s Youth Sustainability Council and Taylor Weech. Also, Food Not Bombs gives away free vegan food at the Peaceful Valley Community Center. I met them at Earth Day, and they are quite lovely.
  • There are also some zines that were created by various groups, and general artiness instigated by Andrew Paco Taylor and his Hobit Hole entourage in Cheney. So sad I missed it!
Is there anything else I should have included?
My next post regarding the fourth (and final?) Saranac Art Symposium goes up tomorrow. I deserve a pat on the back.

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