Occupy Spokane joins the national protest movement

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Spokane is in the #Occupy movement along with over 1,500 other US cities, not to mention the new protests rising up in Canada, South America, Italy and Northern Europe this month.

I finally took time to go down to the South end of the Monroe Street bridge to stand with protesters and to ask them why they stand out there 24 hours a day in solidarity with Occupy Wallstreet. Just like the New York protest, Occupy Spokane is represented by young and old. There are people who work for local government agencies, local students and homeless individuals.

If you would like to get more involved as a volunteer or organizer, check out the “kitchen” that has been set up under a tarp, next to the bridge entrance. Many committees have been established already, but work is being done to condense these committees a little so that they can organize more efficiently.

Don’t expect to find a group leader, however. Like Occupy Wall Street, our local protestors prefer to organize as a community without central leadership. With so many interests represented within the nation’s protests, going leaderless makes it possible for everyone’s ideas to be represented.


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