Excuses, excuses…

So, you probably don’t care about my excuses for not posting any new content on my blog for the past couple of years… But I’ll tell you anyway!

Lately, I have had a few people ask me how I’m doing and if I’m still doing the blog. I then have to explain the following.

2015 – My year away…

I’ll try to summarize a long story:

I started 2015 with a new job at a certain famous San Francisco tourist destination, affectionately referred to as ‘The Rock.’ In June I split with my ex, and wound up working as a camp cook at an amazing overnight wilderness kids camp in the Santa Cruz mountains. Once the summer ended, I had no plans so I joined my co-worker who was headed to work at a BnB in Maui. Let me just tell you that if the money had not run out, I would probably still be in Maui…

2016 – My year with AmeriCorps

Last Winter, I applied for an AmeriCorps position with the YWCA of Spokane…And I got the gig! For an entire year, I will be living on the poverty line while working with an amazing non-profit. Nonprofit administration is my chosen career. I have always thrived in an environment that allows me to work for a cause, rather than a paycheck. According to a slew of recent personality quizzes strengths assessment, I could fall under such labels as ‘Activator,’ ‘Empathetic,’ and ‘Advocate.’

And now, I find myself back here at WordPress. It turns out, this blog still has the occasional visitor! It also turns out that I still have a desire to comment on local arts and culture. And this year, I will also have a whole lot to say about volunteering in Spokane.



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