I am Annette Farrell, and I am a nonprofit administrator. I earned my BA in Arts Sdministration from Whitworth and I have been working at the Spokane Civic Theatre in various full time and part time roles since 2007. In 2015 I sold tickets for Alcatraz Cruises and then became a camp cook for a wonderful Bay Area organization called Trackers Earth. 

This blog began as a way to collect my photos and thoughts about Spokane’s monthly art walk, First Friday. I have taken quite a long break from posting here, but I find myself having more to say about my personal adventures in arts and culture. I also run into people who ask me about my blog, and wether I still document Spokane arts. Apparently, my little corner of the Internet was appreciated by Spokane readers, and I’m so glad to hear it! 

 2015 was a transformative year of travel for me, and I am excited to share my stories on this blog. 

 Favorite movie:         About a Boy

Favorite art style:     Art Nouveau

Favorite food:            Brownies

Favorite book:         Calvin & Hobbes 


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